Japan. Drunk fellow fall asleep. It’s rather fun especially at some rock n roll places in Tokyo. But I would like to add very important feature, I’m not surprised that he was not robbed! No doubts, he would be naked in shot somewhere in Brussels. The present days I even feel shame to live in Europe! 
In Japan, people just smile realizing the life brings us surprises time to time.


The strange girl Emma told me the story. She spoke to me in a whisper late at night. We’ve enjoyed with cheap red wine, but at the same time seemed the best cause I did not drink for long. That vine was from Chile, and surprisingly sophisticated. Vine warmed me, but the story that girl told was a chilled one, honestly.
I will try to convey everything that she said exactly as she said. I do not change anything either her simple style. She spoke with open mind , its readable and one might even think that she is telling a recipe of French cuisine. Her words made me shudder, I was just hypnotized of fear, and the most important is how calmly she talks an apocalyptic things, it’s even not a humanoid way.
Emma and I, we were pretty poor, I would say very poor, beyond the poverty line, where the story of completely poor people begins. We crossed not long ago and become friends.  For the few days we were lucky rented a room in budget hotel.

Before telling the story, she stare at me for a while, lowered her eyes then and looked at the plastic cap.

– For the first time I tried human flesh when I was about 16 years old. Mom fed us and taught my brother Nick and two sisters. At that time we lived in abandoned village, almost in the forest, and I really thought that all people eat human flesh and this is normal, just a common things. Everyone believe so, except my brother Nick, he told me one day that we are doing evil.

Saying this she was silent for a while. The tropical night outside the room, the palm trees seemed black, they slowly bends a bit as if they wanted to scratch the sky.

– Go ahead, don’t worry, I’m your friend,

– I know. I’ve read it in your eyes from the day we met.

And then she becomes quiet again. Emma had no one to trust, and she decided to share such terrible things to me only.

– We were very hungry once, and my mother brought a man from somewhere. She lured him smiled and showed respect and turning around. Mom was a doctor, so talented and she cooking up paralytic staff, poisons from local herbs, so that man should be paralysed within shot time, hah. It was mystical feeling to watch him and all the mystery,  he was an aware of what was happening to him but can’t move. He understood that he was going to to be eaten alive by parts, and powerless against my Mom. I saw his agony, as if his eyes were made of glass.

– Emma, what did you feel like?

– Nothing special. I believed the world ends near by the lake at those days, the only Nick told me about the road which lead to far away, might be to no were. Except to eat human flesh, we of course picked berries, mushrooms and Nick had caught fish at the lake quite a lot, but in the winter time…

– RenĂ© Descartes said most mystical though once, it sounds “Any delusion is a guilt” Emma were an evil genius as clever and deceitful as she is powerful, and she were beautiful indeed. She presents a complete illusion of an external world, including other minds, where there is no such external world in existence. She is also omnipotent, and thus capable of altering mathematics and the fundamentals of logic. Please don’t think she had twine chill story because of vine, hah, not at all, she just don’t care,

Be continued,
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